One of the barricades erected Thursday morning preventing access through French Quarter.

MARIGOT—The main RN7 in French Quarter was entirely blocked to vehicles from early morning Thursday in a continuation of the crisis that was not resolved yesterday.fq3

At least two barricades composed of car wrecks were seen on the main road going through the district in addition to many turned-over garbage bins, and rocks and debris strewn over the road.

There was no visible sign of Gendarmes by 11:00am.

District One representative Steven Patrick said the action this morning was the work of French Quarter citizens taking matters into their own hands, and not the Orient Beach or “Saint-Martin Wake-up” protestors. Patrick commended the Gendarmerie for exercising restraint so far.

Reports of opportunist young people manning the barricades charging people money to go through are true. No vehicles are able to pass however.

french quarter1The Préfecture confirmed that Préfète Anne Laubies had ordered Gendarmes to take down the barricades yesterday, including a barricade at the Agrément roundabout at 5:00am.

This morning the Préfète said a spontaneous march by “Saint-Martin Wake Up” from French Quarter to Marigot as announced on the radio will not be permitted in the interests of public order.