This newspaper proclaimed its own Hurricane Relief Appreciation Day today, Thursday, October 12, based on a desire within society to express their gratitude to those who gave such badly-needed relief after the devastating passage of Irma, followed by José and Maria. A list of possible entities to thank, both local and (from) abroad, was compiled and ended up with about 80 choices, but it could have been a lot more.

The latter illustrates that when calamities of such a scale occur and lives are at stake, people will help. Knowing that alone made all the hurt a bit more bearable for many.
Of course, there were complaints and a few things may have gone wrong, which is no wonder in such a disaster situation. Important is the intention and determination shown to alleviate the mass suffering as best possible under extremely difficult circumstances.
It now seems the new incoming Dutch Cabinet wants to take some time to study the matter before actually imposing implementation of conditions set for reconstruction aid, which are, however, not likely to change. Despite the Government of St. Maarten having reportedly rejected these already, the delay will at least allow for dialogue between the two parties, hopefully with the population’s wellbeing first and foremost in mind.
Perhaps today’s continued meeting of Parliament in Philipsburg can be used to seek common ground rather than further antagonising relations with The Hague. Surely, major assistance from the Netherlands is very much going to be required for the near future and providing such in a fair and effective manner should be the ultimate goal of everyone involved.

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