Following the Kingdom Council of Ministers’ refusal to entertain annulment of the national decree with which the outgoing Koeiman Cabinet dissolved Curaçao’s Parliament and called early elections on April 28 (see related story), the “new majority” is taking it to a higher level. They want the European Court to rule on the correct interpretation of the related articles in the country’s constitution.

It’s not at all sure that the European Court would even handle such a request, because it regards organic laws of an individual member state. Moreover, the MFK, KdnT, PS and MP fractions plus independent parliamentarians Braam (ex-PAR) and Dannawi (ex-MAN) want to know what process is to be followed in these cases, which could be considered an internal matter.

Not helping the petition may be the fact that the leader of the biggest party involved remains in Parliament with a corruption conviction and again heads the MFK list for the upcoming election. Another fraction member also on the list is still a suspect in a fraud investigation, while she physically assaulted and injured another elected representative in the assembly hall recently.

Having said that, the lack of clarity on invoking article 53 to send home Parliament and call snap elections, despite the existence of a new majority, has become an issue during the past years both in Curaçao and St. Maarten. Perhaps the European Court, Dutch Council of State or even St. Maarten’s own Constitutional Court can indeed provide some answers once and for all.

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