Classes started again after the end-of-year holidays, so the Inspectorate at the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication (TEATT) Section School Bussing reiterated its motto “Safety, comfort and reliability.” Both students and drivers were strongly urged to conduct themselves in a safe manner when riding on or driving a school bus.

Passengers are to remain seated and facing forward at all times, while the operators must stay within the speed limits and refrain from using distracting electronic devices; for example, to text or listen to music. Parents must also escort their children to the bus stops, ensuring they are there at least five minutes before the pickup time.

Some might say all these things are self-evident. However, if one observes the sometimes irresponsible way school buses are driven in practice it would seem a reminder certainly can’t hurt.

A relevant group that wasn’t mentioned is that of other road users. How often doesn’t one see cars overtaking school buses even though they are parked across the road with their stop sign out as required to let kids out.

The latter is obviously very dangerous and many readers will no doubt remember what happened when a schoolgirl was fatally hit by a truck just after stepping off a school bus in Sucker Garden not too long ago. As tragic as that incident was, it should have at least served as a painful lesson for the future.

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