For the second time in less than two weeks a garbage collector was hit by a car slamming into the back of the truck (see Friday paper). One victim suffered a broken leg, while the other was reportedly not seriously hurt.

Both accidents occurred after dark, which may have been a contributing factor. However, picking up the trash at night is standard practice around the world, for obvious reasons of road congestion and of public safety during the busier parts of the day.

Not all streets in St. Maarten are well lit. Then again, the big bright yellow/orange garbage trucks can hardly be called difficult to see.

Perhaps something could be done to make them even more noticeable, but ultimately it comes down to individual responsibility of motorists. Motorists who keep a respectable distance and don’t go too fast will have less chance of running into others in front of them.

Drivers should always keep in mind that any moving vehicle is a potential weapon if used without the necessary care and attention, often with fatal consequences. The workers in question are doing a tough, thankless job under far from ideal circumstances on behalf of society and deserve a bit of consideration.

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