If all goes according to plan, the William Marlin Cabinet II will be installed by Governor Eugene Holiday today, Tuesday. The incoming Government is backed by National Alliance (NA), United St. Maarten Party (US Party) and the Democratic Party (DP), with a combined 10 seats for a two-thirds majority in the 15-seat Parliament.

Only six of the seven Ministers are expected to take the oath of office, as the screening of US Party’s nominee for the Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT) portfolio Cecil Nicholas was still ongoing. Proposed acting TEATT Minister of the same coalition partner candidate Justice Minister Rafael Boasman will have to handle that task for the time being as well.

A simple word of advice for the new to-be-appointed Council of Ministers seems in order: Stay away from making premature announcements for political reasons.

Don’t talk about decisions before they are made, solutions before they are found, projects before these can begin, agreements before they have been reached, etc. Don’t lay first stones, cut ribbons, name empty buildings and launch programmes until it will actually mean something to society.

What St. Maarten needs most from the local political establishment right now is less show and more substance. Actions speak louder than words, so – please – keep it real.

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